World Peace Starts Within

I have been deeply saddened by the aftermath of the EU referendum and the things I read on social media...

Yes, it is an emotive subject Yes, people are scared Yes, people have a right to their feelings and yes people have the right to air those feelings

But insulting others with different views is not helping the situation.

Everyone who voted has one thing in common... they voted the way they did because they wanted things to be better!

Nobody voted because they wanted to make things worse!

Of course people have a difference of opinion about what "better" looks like and how it can be achieved and that is ok...

BUT maybe it's time that we focused on the fact that we are one world!

World peace may seem like a lofty goal and I may sound like a total hippy with her head in the clouds BUT I truly believe that world peace starts within us as individuals!

I believe each and every one of us can and should make a difference in the world and that starts by being the best version of ourselves because when an individual is happy and confident and has an inner peace it ripples out to the people around them.

Politics is about power over others, I want people to believe they have power over themselves, over their own lives and that starts with educating children to think differently.

Yes, kids need to be taught conventional subjects but for the world to be a better place they need to be taught about how they can have inner peace...

  • they need to be taught how to be happy
  • they need to be taught how to be confident
  • they need to be taught about gratitude and forgiveness and kindness
  • they need to be taught about the power of breath to control stress
  • they need to be taught to harness the power of their mind
  • they need to be taught to follow their passions
  • they need to be taught to dream
  • they need to be taught that the outcome of their life lies in their hands and nobody else's
  • they need to be taught that they have the ability to change the world simply by being their best self... by being who they authentically are rather than trying to fit into who society thinks they should be

They need to be taught that we are one world and they can make it a better place for everyone to live in

The world is in our children's hands, let's teach them that the only borders, barriers or boundaries that matter are the self-created barriers that we place on ourselves.