World Population To Hit 7 Billion In 2011 (VIDEO)

7 billion human beings. That's how many people in the world there will likely be sometime in the next 12 months.

To many, it seems like the figure just hit 6 billion. But according to the US Census Bureau, the current world population is just 10 million shy of 6.9 billion. The current US population is almost 310.6 million.

The growth has been pretty much on track from most recent predictions, as the tremendous rise has been fostered by developing nations. By 2050 India will likely overtake China as the world's most populous nation, according to CNN. By that point the US should be the world's third most populous country, with about 439 million.

So what kind of effect does this growth have? With rising food prices and expanding developing nations there are many potential problems.

The National Geographic video below does an amazing job of showing just what 7 billion means for humanity, and the Earth itself.