World Reacts After No One Shows Up At 9-Year-Old's Birthday Party

A boy's grandmother posted a plea online for birthday wishes and got more than she ever hoped for.

There's nothing worse than being stood up on your own birthday. So when no one showed up to 9-year-old Gerald Hamilton's birthday party, his grandma was devastated.

Amelia Lara took to Facebook to vent her frustration. Lara explained that her grandson had invited all 30 of his classmates to his 9th birthday party and that 12 had actually agreed to attend. "At 3 p.m. he made sure his goodie bags were ready for his friends, he was dressed and ready to party. At 5 p.m. he was still sitting there not wanting to cut his cake because one person might show up," Lara wrote. "This breaks my heart."

Gerald was born with a condition that has required several skull expansion surgeries since he was an infant and he has trouble reading. It's also his first year at a new school. She believes other parents didn't want their own kids to befriend Gerald because he is "different." 

Lara asked anyone reading her post to send Gerald a birthday card to help him celebrate. But she never thought the Internet would respond the way it did.

Her post has gotten over 4,000 shares to date and Lara tells The Huffington Post they've received over a thousand cards for Gerald. But that's not all. Gerald has also been mailed presents -- toys, event tickets and even a chance to meet the Chicago Eagles. Some people have even said they'll be sure to remember his birthday next year as well.

Gerald meeting one of the Chicago Eagles players. 
Gerald meeting one of the Chicago Eagles players. 


But it's the cards Gerald cherishes more than any of the gifts. "He loves reading the cards," Lara said. 

As for the kids who have ostracized Gerald, Lara says she hasn't gotten any apologies. "A 9-year-old shouldn't have to go through that," she said.

But Gerald, though he was upset at first, is back to his usual loving self. Lara hopes children -- and adults -- alike can learn from his good nature. 

"Last week Gerald took some of the toys he got and gave them to a special needs class at his school and then he's going to the hospital where he had his skull surgeries and share some there," Lara said. 

What a kid. Happy birthday, Gerald!



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