World Record Triplets? Brittany Deen, California Mom, May Have Given Birth To Heaviest Triplets (VIDEO)

A California woman may have broken a world record after giving birth to a set of triplets.

Brittany Deen's three little boys collectively tipped the scale at 20 pounds, smashing a previous Guinness World Record of 18 pounds, 11 ounces, KXTV reports.

According to Fox News, the woman gave birth to the triplets last week in Sacramento, Calif.

At a news conference, Deen and her husband, Jason, said they were initially surprised by the trifecta of good news.

"[There was] a little bit of shock when we find out that there were going to be three babies and we had no clue as to what we were going to do," Brittany Deen said, according to KXTV.

Speaking to the press, Deen described her calorie-rich pregnancy regimen that involved eating a dozen eggs a day.

"I was eating for like 17," she said.

Deen, who conceived the babies naturally, carried the triplets to almost full term -- a rarity in multiple births.

"It's kind of exciting. It makes me feel like kind of justified in, I guess, all that weight gain was for something. You know, all that back pain. Well, it's not that I was being lazy or less than a trooper, I guess there was a reason why I was feeling that way," Deen told KCRA of her pregnancy.

After having to consume a daily diet of about 6,000 calories, the new mom said she already feels lighter, having dropped about 50 pounds since giving birth.

Though the record is not yet official, the Guinness Book of World Records is reportedly looking into the case, Fox notes.

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