World Teachers' Day: 5 Quick Ways To Help Global Education

Elbi and The Huffington Post are partnering up, with you, to help change the world as part of your daily routine. Little actions. Big difference.

Are you up for doing a little something this World Teachers' Day to make a big difference to education around the world? Of course you are. Here's a handy guide on how to help the UK, Russia, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya.

1. Help the UK: get breakfast sorted.


Elbi's partnering up with Magic Breakfast for the #BreakfastForKids campaign. Just open up Elbi today, pick your favorite breakfast and tap the Love Button to send a few. Love beats like, you see, so this button backs your tap with a dollar. Half a million UK kids start the day without breakfast. Just 22p (34¢) buys breakfast for a kid who started today without it.

You can also join Magic Breakfast's campaign with ITV's Good Morning Britain, #PhonesForFood, launching today. Donate your old phone to feed young minds and bellies. However old or dated, at least 44p (the cost of two healthy breakfasts) will be donated for each phone. The newer the better, though. A Blackberry could mean more than 80 breakfasts.

2. Help Russia: train teachers of children with autism.


Since 2013, the Naked Heart Foundation has been helping teachers of special schools in Russia get effective training in using modern technologies for working with children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). Children who were not admitted to schools in the past are now going to school. And teachers who were afraid, because they didn't know how to deal with these children, no longer fear the kids and are giving them what they really need. And the children's parents are able to go to work and lead normal lives!

Help them keep up the great work. Open the Elbi app today, and draw the teacher who changed your life. Any teacher of a child with autism is doing life-changing work. Take a moment to celebrate all teachers, this World Teachers' Day, with a doodle and a microdonation.

3. Help Ghana: stock their stationery cupboard.


Tomorrow, you can do your bit for a brand new school in Abenta, a small Ghanaian village. The charity Village By Village got in touch with Elbi to spread the word of their fantastic work and the resulting new school.

Join us for #PencilsForAbenta. All you need to do is open Elbi tomorrow and share a photo for the kids to draw. You can even tap the Love Button to send a pack of 10 pencils, just like that. You'll make a real connection here, as the kids will see your photos and draw pictures from them. And you'll see the finished results. All that good work and joy. All the effort of choosing a picture from your phone.

4. Help South Africa: inspire young engineers.


Wednesday, Children's Helpers Worldwide are teaming up with Elbi to get more children to ORT SA Cape's after-school robotics class.

You're going to send them a drawing of a robot doing a chore you hate through Elbi. Those pics will then decorate the robotics classroom to inspire the children learning through lego robots. It takes 26 people tapping the Love Button to send another child to the class. Chipping in will really make a difference to these kids' futures.

5. Help Kenya: send count by animals pics.

As well as caring for abandoned infants, The Karibu Centre in Thika, Kenya, educates disadvantaged children from nearby slum communities. Help them learn to count with groups of animals.

Open up Elbi on Friday and finish the week with a very good deed. Draw one cat, two pigs or any number of your favorite animal. The pictures will be used in The Karibu Centre to teach the children to learn to count to 10. A simple, little action that will make a big difference. That's what Elbi's all about.

Elbi founder, model and philanthropist, Natalia Vodianova, is committed to helping global education. Help the world and do your bit.

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