World War III plans stymied by National Intelligence Estimate

So militarily we can't and shouldn't do it, and for security we don't need to do it. So why are White House cronies trying to figure out how to sell war with Iran?
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The new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran was put together a while ago, but we got the first glance at the declassified version of it, today. The bombshell, excuse the pun, is that despite all the war rhetoric of late, Iran seems to have ended its nuclear weapons program in 2003.

The obvious question this raises is, if this report was known to the White House for months, why did administration officials talk time and time again about the threat of the non-existent weapons program, as reason to keep a military option under consideration?

The answer is domestic politics.

The guys I served with know the military has been worn to the bone, and could not possibly take on a third war front. It's just not possible militarily. The new intelligence estimate makes clear we don't even need to be thinking about military action right now. Let's also not forget that right now we have a very delicate calm among the Shia forces in Iraq, loyal to Iran. An attack on Iran would only fire them back up and put our troops at risk, not to mention gear up Hezbollah north of Israel.

This new report also shows that not only is Iran susceptible to diplomatic channels, but that they were shutting down their program before European sanctions even took effect, so we don't even need to isolate them. We do indeed have time to engage Iran to thwart any danger of them re-starting their nuclear weapons program.

So militarily we can't and shouldn't do it, and for security we don't need to do it. So why are White House cronies trying to figure out how to sell war with Iran?

Maybe because polls show that fear mongering can work, if we don't fight it.

A recent USA Today poll found "46% of those surveyed say military action should be taken either now or if diplomacy fails," while Zogby found, "A majority of likely voters - 52% - would support a U.S. military strike to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon, and 53% believe it is likely that the U.S. will be involved in a military strike against Iran before the next presidential election."

Polls like these are all the proof you need to know that the President and his party see a political opening in a crucial election year, the more they can stoke up fears of an Iranian Nuclear threat. And, it's all the more reason why those of us who know the truth spread it far and wide.

Many of you have commented on my posts saying, "Hey, you're preaching to the choir." I know. But groups like rely on people like you to spread the truth, and I can't remind you of that enough.

So, I urge you again, sign up at our site - - and tell everyone you know, friend and foe alike, to read this new intelligence estimate, and sign up at our site, as well.

This time, with your vigilance, when it comes to fear mongering from the White House, we will ensure that the truth will prevail.

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