'World War Z': Set Footage Shows Zombie Rampage In Brad Pitt Film (VIDEO)

Brad Pitt saved an extra from a raging stampede on the set of his zombie apocalypse film, "World War Z," a few weeks back. He couldn't do the same for a guy caught up in the madness of this latest brouhaha, but then, it seems that that was all by design.

Filming continues on the Pitt-starring big screen adaptation of the zombie outbreak book, and in this latest fan/paparazzi-shot video, we get a good look at some of the madness that's being wrought on Glasgow. A herd of undead plow through the streets -- which are being used as a stand-in for Philadelphia -- and one unlucky actor gets torn from his car and given a bite by a zombie. After some struggles, the actor just absolutely flips out as he transforms to a blood-thirsty, thoughtless man-beast... until the director calls cut. Then, it's back to human.

It's a fun little peak at the intersection of our real and fantasy worlds, and a good look at what the film has in store for its 2012 release.

Check out the video below, as well as a number of other scenes caught from the set.