De-Stress At The World's 15 Best (And Most Affordable) Destination Spas (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: De-Stress At The 15 Best (And Most Affordable) Destination Spas In The World

The world's luxury destination spas are the ultimate in stress-free vacationing, but unfortunately, these havens of tranquility and rejuventation don't usually come cheap -- basic weekend packages at many spa resorts run in the thousands. That being said, there are a slew of lesser-known resorts and retreat centers featuring world-class spa facilities that won't break your vacation budget, and will still give you a healthy dose of decadence and de-stressing.

From a thermal spa in Slovenia to an oceanside wellness resort on the Yucatan Peninsula, we'ce compiled a list of 15 of the world's best -- and most budget-friendly -- destination spas for your most relaxing vacation ever.

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Maya Tulum Wellness Retreat & Spa, Tulum, Mexico

The World's Most Affordable Destination Spas