World's Best Flirting Lines: Badoo Compliment Success Index (PHOTOS)

Single men needing a little help in the romance department might want to try praising a woman on her lips, a new survey has found.

In a new poll that seems to have been lifted out of a Sex and the City episode, online dating site Badoo claims to have found what they call "the Holy Grail" of international dating. And the poll found that complimenting a woman on her lips was the world's best pick-up line, working astonishingly well on women from all of the surveyed backgrounds.

The site, which has 87 million registered users, reportedly analyzed the success rates of opening lines from nearly 200,000 online flirtations in 11 languages for the Compliment Success Index. Users were invited to use one of 12 different ice-breakers, each complimenting a woman on an aspect of her body or appearance. Success was determined by the woman's response and whether or not a subsequent conversation was launched.

Next time you're on a date with a Portuguese woman, compliment her on her ears. Though if your next love interest is German or Canadian, concentrate on her skin.

View the results of the Compliment Survey Index here:

Compliment Success Index