World's Biggest Onion, Grown By Peter Glazebrook, UK Man, Weighs Almost 18 Pounds (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The World's Biggest Onion

On Friday, UK man Peter Glazebrook, 67, set a new world record for the world's biggest onion by entering a 17 pound, 15 ounce monster in the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show's annual World Onion Championship. His gigantic onion trounced 2005's record holder for the world's biggest onion, which weighed in at a mere 16 pounds, 8 ounces.

Glazebrook won £1500 ($2560) for his onion. He also holds world records for gargantuan potatoes, beets and parsnips, undoubtedly evidence of some kind of nefarious pact with the subterranean world. One question remains: What does one cook with over 17 pounds of onion? A gigantic sofrito? An XL deep-fried onion flower?

In case you're curious, the Yorkshire Post has a strange video of the Flower Show at which the new world's biggest onion record was announced. Only in England!

Here are a few photos of Glazebrook holding his record onion in various postures of excitement.


Peter Glazebrook World's Biggest Onion

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