World's Fastest Shed Can Reach 70 MPH

He beat the previous record by 12 mph.

Some people work on their cars in a shed, but gardener Kevin Nicks has turned his shed into a car.

For the past several years, Nicks, 50, has spent his spare hours converting a Volkswagen Passat into a very mobile shed, one that can reach speeds of over a mile a minute.

"I've given up counting how much it cost me to build it," he told South West News Service. "You start a project, and then you just want to finish regardless."

 Nicks may have steered his way into the record books on Sunday when he managed to get his two-ton shed up to 70 mph.

"I wanted a longer run up so I could get faster, but I was only allowed quarter of a mile," he told South West News Service (video above). "I'm pleased with it."

The speedy shed's time still has to be verified by Guinness World Records, but Nicks believes he has broked the previous "fastest shed" record of 58.41 mph set in April, 2011, by British TV mechanic Edd China.

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