World's Fattest Countries 2010 (PHOTOS): GlobalPost Report

World's Fattest Countries 2010 (PHOTOS): GlobalPost Report

Pacific Islanders struggle with the highest levels of obesity around the world, according to a new GlobalPost report.

Writer Emily Stone cites 2010 World Health Organization (WHO) statistics which rank Nauru as the world's fattest nation, with a staggering 95 percent of its citizens currently overweight. Stone notes a general drift toward Western-style meals in Nauru, as well as the nation's notorious "fattening ceremonies," where well-born young women were kept inside and fed to excess, as two reasons for the shocking statistic.

And Americans who are busy prepping for the upcoming Thanksgiving feasts might want to re-consider that second helping of apple pie this year, as the percentage of overweight adults hover at about 79 percent. And as Stone notes, the WHO is projecting that in 2015, the number of overweight adults will balloon to 2.3 billion, up from 1.6 billion in 2005.

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View photos of the world's fattest nations, and the percentage of their population which is overweight, here:

Nauru - 95%

World's Fattest Countries 2010

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