World's First Diamond Ring: 150 Carats Of Pure, Unadulterated Bling (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

LOOK: World's First Diamond Ring

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, this must be a girl's personal flying, cupcake-baking magical unicorn.

I mean, look at this ring.

Made by Swiss luxury jewelers Shawish, the makers are heralding it as the "world's first diamond ring."

Valued at approximately $68 million and weighing in at 150 carats, the ring is made entirely out of a cut and finished diamond.

We thought Kim Kardashian's $2 million dollar rock was huge, but clearly there's always a bigger fish.

But this still begs the question: Who could possibly be enough of a diva to rock such intense bling?

Looks like Snooki's already spoken for. But maybe this could serve as a heads up to Scott Disick in case he ever decides to propose to Kourtney Kardashian.

For more equally unforgettable and unaffordable blingage, head over to Splash News for a look at their 10 most expensive celebrity engagement rings.


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