World's Hottest Curry Causes Hallucinations, Contains 20 Naga Infinity Chilis

We were filled with discomfort when we learned of the world's hottest peanut butter, what's likely the world's hottest burger and even a soup so spicy it burned a hole in a man's stomach, but new reports of a U.K. doctor taking down the world's hottest curry has us squirming in our seats.

Consultant radiologist Ian Rothwell, a 55-year-old daredevil whose resume includes scaling Mount Kilimanjaro last year, ordered up a curry called "The Widower" at Bindi restaurant in Grantham, England. The dish is made with 20 Naga Infinity chilis, packs more than 6 million Scoville units and is so spicy that chefs preparing it wear goggles and a face mask.

Bindi's managing director and executive chef, Muhammed Karim, said that Rothwell took about an hour to polish off his plate, but that included a 10 minute walk outside during which he allegedly began hallucinating. Still, Rothwell's accomplishment is considerable -- he's the first of about 300 people to attempt "The Widower" and succeed.

Karim was full of praise for Rothwell:

Apart from spotting a few tears in his eyes, and the short period of hallucinating, he was cool and collected and seemed to cope very well. I have tried The Widower and it really is a killer. ... Dr Rothwell is a legend as far as I'm concerned.

Amazingly, Rothwell said that he felt relatively normal the following day, according to local website Grantham People. "I can confirm it was a little uncomfortable, but nothing terrible," he said.

The Daily Mail posted a video of the event, filmed by Rothwell's daughter, which shows Rothwell calm and composed. Watch it below.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article stated that the chilis each packed 6 million Scoville units, when in fact that figure describes the spice level of the whole dish.



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