World's Largest Aquatic Insect May Have Been Found, And It Will Haunt Your Dreams

This May Be The World's Largest Aquatic Insect, And It Will Haunt Your Dreams

If you have entomophobia (or if you’re even the teensiest bit squeamish when it comes to bugs), you might want to avert your eyes.

A giant aquatic insect has been found in China, and it’s the stuff that your very worst nightmares are made of.

According to Xinhua News, representatives from the Insect Museum of West China found the enormous insect during a recent expedition on a mountain in Sichuan province. Boasting a wingspan of 21 centimeters (8.2 inches), the monster bug -- of the order Megaloptera -- may just be the largest aquatic insect ever found, according to China News Service.

Information about the insect is scarce, for now.

For some perspective, here’s how big the insect is compared to a regular-size egg.

Though this insect may be one of the biggest on the planet, it’s not the only massive bug around. There's the giant stick insect that can grow to a length of 2 feet, and the mammoth Atlas moth, which has a wingspan of at least a foot, per the Mother Nature Network. And of course, there's the cricket-like giant weta, a bug that can weigh more than a bird and is so big, it can eat a carrot.

Yes, that's right. A carrot.

Good luck falling asleep tonight.

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