World's Largest Bra, A 'Mega 1,360B,' To Be Auctioned For Breast Cancer Awareness (VIDEO)

Giant '1,360B Cup' Bra Up For Auction

Busty enough to cover two tennis courts, the world's largest bra, a pink "mega 1,360B" is now available for purchase on eBay for a starting bid of $800.

Designed by London sailmaker M. Putt Sailmakers, the bra was created by Vanish brand and the Chillisauce event management agency for the Breast Cancer Campaign's "Wear it Pink" day last year.

"Our aim in auctioning the bra is to build awareness and involvement in Wear It Pink Day as well as raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign in the process," the director of, Adrian Simpson, told Yahoo! News.

Prospective buyers have until Oct. 28 to bid on the unique, handmade item, which also comes with the Guinness World Records official certificate. (The bra was certified along with its cousin, the world's most expensive bra: the $12.5 million (£8.6 million) Heavenly Star Bra by Victoria's Secret.)

The mega 1,360B bra made headlines last year when it was hung from the ITV Tower in London, where it proved to be an eye-catching sight for travelers along the Thames.

No word yet as to whether Chillisauce has been approached by Annie Hawkins-Turner, an Atlanta woman with the world’s largest natural breasts.

Although the 53-year-old's breasts weigh 85 pounds, they still pale in comparison to the world's largest bra, which weighs a whopping 90 kilograms (about 198 pounds) -- the equivalent of 1,800 normal versions of the Debenhams Gorgeous T-shirt bra the record-holder was modeled after.

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