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The World's Largest Cruise Ship Is Basically Its Own City

Harmony Of The Seas has a park, an ice skating rink and 23 pools.

It's hard to describe the Harmony of the Seas (HOTS) as a cruise ship. It's more like a floating resort city.

As the world's largest cruise ship, HOTS made its debut sail this past weekend from Southampton to Rotterdam. The colossal vessel measures 216 feet wide and 1,187 feet in length. That makes it 164 feet longer than the Eiffel Tower's height, according to the Mirror.

HOTS can hold more than 8,500 people including 6,780 passengers in its 2,747 staterooms, according to CNN.

Royal Caribbean reportedly spent more than one billion dollars building HOTS, according to the Guardian. That money adds up to all sorts of amenities, including 18 decks, 23 swimming pools, 42 bars and lounges, a theatre, spa, shopping district and even an ice rink.

Check out the video above to get a lay of the land, and scroll down for photos with even more details.

Royal Caribbean
Passengers can have a wild time on the ship's Ultimate Abyss. At 10 stories high, it's the world's tallest slide at sea and plunges visitors from deck 16 to deck 6, according to the Independent.
Royal Caribbean
There are 23 pools on the ship, including some for riding waves.
Royal Caribbean
The ship is 210 feet high at its highest point. Interior rooms have virtual balconies offering real-time views of the destination.
Royal Caribbean
A highlight of HOTS is Central Park, a tropical park in the center of the ship that contains more than 10,000 plants and 50 trees.
Royal Caribbean
The ship is going to be based in Europe this summer before re-positioning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,in the fall, according to USA Today.
Royal Caribbean
The ship's gym is full of all sorts of exercise amenities including a spinning studio.
Royal Caribbean
The ship may be big, but the prices aren't: Prices start at $1,125 per person for a seven-night tour of the western Mediterranean, according to the Belfast Telegraph.
Royal Caribbean
Did we mention there are 23 pools? Yes. Yes, we did.
Cruise Ships Photographed from The Air