World's Largest Tuna? Nathan Adams' Giant 738-Pound Tuna Could Set Record (VIDEO)

WATCH: New Zealand Man's Tuna Could Be World's Largest

New Zealand fisherman Nathan Adams will never have to say "You should have seen the one that got away" ever again.

That's because it is going to be hard for anyone to top the 738-pound Pacific bluefin tuna he caught last month near Houhora, off the east coast of the country's North Island.

Experts find it amazing that he caught it in a small 20-foot tin boat using only a rod and reel, but the fact he had a premonition of catching the titanic tuna is impressive as well.

"It was pretty cool because when I first started fishing my dream, was to catch a bluefin tuna exactly like that," Adams told SkyNews.

Adams, 42, is waiting to see if his catch sets a world record for largest fish caught with a rod and reel, but even if it doesn't, he's excited thinking about how he's going to mount a cast of the supersized snapper, according to the Sun.

He'd like to mount it on his living room wall, but his wife, Lisa, hasn't exactly fallen for that idea hook, line or sinker.

"She reckons it's like mounting a sofa or something like that, but I've got nowhere else to put it," he told the Sun.

Bluefin is a fish that can fetch exorbitant prices from Japanese sushi lovers. In fact, a 593-lb bluefin caught off the coast of Japan in January fetched almost $1 million, according to

However, Adams doesn't have that option because his boat was registered at the time the fish was caught and New Zealand law prohibits the sale of fish from a recreational fishing boat.

Instead, he is having the fish mounted, a process that could cost $6600 and means the fish can't be eaten.

''I'm not rich, so I wouldn't have minded a hundred grand," he told "But there are rich guys overseas who would pay hundreds of thousands to mount that fish and get that on their wall and say that they caught it.''

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