World's Longest Hug Record Broken in London's St. Pancras Station

Four couples in London spent more than 24 hours hugging it out last week, effectively - and lovingly - seizing the Guinness World Record for longest marathon hug.

Six couples began hugging early on Jan. 19 at the St. Pancras International train station with one goal: wrap their arms around one another, with only a five-minute break each hour, for exactly 24 hours and 44 minutes to beat the former record, according to the London Media Centre.

The next day, only four sweat-soaked couples were left in a holding pattern, including Lorna Tulett, the star of BBC's "The Choir" and her husband Bryan.

"Thought we'd give it a go. It's really quite special to do and celebrates our arrival in London," one of the hugging champions told ITN Productions. "It's quite different really."

The event was part of World Record London's new campaign to earn as many world records as possible before the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.