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World's Longest Picnic Table Assembled In San Francisco (VIDEO)

At 305 feet, the world's longest picnic table easily stretches from endzone-to-endzone on a pro football field.

To celebrate National Picnic Day, Safeway markets teamed up with Open Nature foods and Nood Network Chef Tyler Florence on June 18 to assemble this 11,304-lb. behemoth. It took a 4-person team 10 days to turn 7,116 feet of Douglas Fir wood planking and 1,032 bolts into seating for 405 diners.

This Guinness World Record was set at Marina Green in San Francisco, topping the previous record of 248 feet, 2 inches, set in New Orleans in 2009.

"It was astounding to see so many people come together around a single table to enjoy a meal made with Open Nature products," Safeway president Mike Minasi said, plugging his co-sponsor.

"With the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, hundreds of smiling guests, and the World's Longest Picnic Table covered with mouth-watering food, I was definitely in my element," Florence said in press materials. "Bringing people together around a delicious meal is a passion of mine."

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