World's Longest Water Coaster Planned To Open At Holiday World In Indiana (VIDEO)

WATCH: World's Longest Water Coaster

This amusement park ride is guaranteed to make a big splash.

An Indiana waterpark that is already home to the world's largest water coaster announced plans to build an even larger water ride for next summer called the Mammoth.

Officials at Holiday World in Santa Claus (yes, that is the name of the town) say the new water coaster -- which differs from a water slide by offering uphill portions instead of just downhill portions -- will open next May at a cost of $9 million, according to The Indianapolis Star.

After climbing a "conveyor-style lift," boats carrying six thrill-seekers will wind their way across a 1,763-foot course, The Courier Press reports.

That's 43 feet more than the Wildebeest, a Holiday World attraction that's the current record-holder as the world's longest water coaster, according to the theme park's website.

"We added Wildebeest water coaster last year and it was a runaway hit," said Holiday World president Dan Koch in a press release. "So we asked our designers for something even bigger."

The Mammoth will reportedly boast six descents, including a first hill that falls 53 feet at a 45-degree angle.

To propel the water coaster, Holiday World officials say they will use something they call "HydroMagnetic Technology" -- a technique utilized in some steel roller coasters that uses alternating magnetic fields to guide amusement rides along tracks, Attractions Magazine notes.

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