Is This The World's Loudest Burp? This Australian Man Thinks So

At 110.6 decibels, it rivals chain saws and lawn mowers.

An Australian man believes he has unofficially dethroned the world record holder for the loudest burp.

Neville Sharp of Humpty Doo -- yes, that's a real town name -- recently filmed himself emitting a 110.6-decibel belch -- a level that not only rivals chainsaws but tops the current record holder by 0.7 decibels.

"It's been a bit of a goal from when I was a kid," he told NT News. "I'm always training. I just have to ask my next door neighbors behind us."

The married man credited his bar friends for egging him on to test his belching power.

With the help of local media he recorded himself in a soundproof recording studio at Charles Darwin University. He downed some Coca-Cola and belched his way to greatness.

Sharp still needs to be tested by Guinness World Records to officially dethrone the current record holder, Paul Dunn of England, who was recognized in 2009 for a 109.9-decibel belch. 

In comparison, chainsaws average 110.6 decibels, tractors around 96 decibels and lawn mowers around 90, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Think you can do better?

Sharp personally credited carbonated drinks, cold water and plenty of beer for his mastery.

Swallowing air by eating or drinking too fast, talking while you eat and chewing gum can also contribute to burping, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Dunn personally shed some light on his own talent in a 2012 Guinness interview.

"I have a technique that I do: I make sure that I don't eat, and then I breathe in lots of air, and as it rises I just open my mouth, and let it roll, so to speak," he said, before demonstrating his ability to talk and burp at the same time.