World's Messiest Food Festivals

Nothing says camaraderie and togetherness like a well-planned meal and nothing is more fun than picking up that well-planned meal and throwing it at someone.

The appeal of the food fight is universal. Spain has the famously epic tomato fight La Tomatina. Greece has "Clean Monday," when people pelt each other with white powder. Italy gets in on the food flinging action before every lent with truckloads of oranges. The messier the better, these festivals celebrate food in its simplest form: projectile.

Food fights teach us to embrace each other by transcending propriety and fastidious. The next time you go to Thanksgiving dinner at your uptight in-laws, don't be afraid to have a little fun at an otherwise lifeless event. Fling a cranberry at the kid's table.

Consumption is supposed to be fun. Why waste time going through the motions?

World's Messiest Food Festivals

- Josh Gardner

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