'World's Most Extravangant Easter Bunny' Is Worth $49K, Has Diamonds For Eyes

Easter looks evil on this rabbit.

The company that first brought us the world's most expensive gingerbread house, the most expensive Christmas pudding and a $100,000 Valentine's Day dinner is now offering something egg-cellent for Easter.

Behold, a $49,000 Easter bunny outfitted with diamond eyes, because why not:


The chocolate bunny was carved over a period of two days by Martin Chiffers, former chef dᅢᄅcor of Harrods. Made of Tanzania origin chocolate, the bunny weighs 11 pounds and consists of a whopping 548,000 calories. Because as we all know, Easter needs more calories.

And more bling, apparently. According to VeryFirstTo's press release, the bunny comes with three chocolate eggs decorated with gold leaf and two diamonds worth about $37,400. The diamonds were provided by luxury jewelry retailer 77 Diamonds.



Just in case this Easter treat is too much to eat in one weekend (or you want to show off your purchase for an extended amount of time), the bunny can be stored for up to two years, if properly frozen. An evil-looking Easter bunny that never goes away? Perfect.

No word yet on any bids for the bunny, though we don't expect there to be many.

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