$1227 Kebab is World's Most Expensive, Features Champagne, Gold

The latest culinary creation from UK chef and Food Network star Andy Bates now holds the dubious title of the world's most expensive kebab. The kebab, which was created to promote Bates' appearance on The Great Food Truck Challenge, costs £750, or $1227 as of 10:30 this morning.

All the kebab's ingredients are the most expensive in their category: purple violet potatoes, coeur de boeuf tomatoes, milk-fed lamb. Like many such record holders—the world's most expensive cocktail, hot chocolate, pizza—the price gets a boost from a few decorative shavings of edible gold leaf. But the kebab's most expensive element is legitimately delicious: a typical mint yogurt topping gets a bubbly blast from super-luxe Krug champagne. The idea that it includes an entire bottle—and thereby contributes $400 to the price of the dish—seems more than a little unreasonable. Then again, trying to apply reason to a kebab that costs as much as the per capita income of Uganda is something of a fool's errand.