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The World's Most Expensive Pineapple Will Make You Second Guess Your Fruit Salad (VIDEO)

WATCH: Is This Pineapple Worth $16,000?

Pineapple is hardly considered an exotic fruit these days. Although it needs a tropical climate to grow and may have once been considered exotic, today it's readily available in grocery stories at reasonable prices. Heck, you'll find pineapple chunks in your standard fruit cup. But when grown in Cornwall, England with peculiar methods, that pineapple may be worth a lot more.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan employs Victorian techniques that involve growing the pineapples under piles of straw, manure and horse urine -- an unlikely combination that stimulates a chemical reaction that allows the pineapples to grow in colder climates. Not to worry, the pineapple doesn't actually come in contact with the aforementioned waste, and the Lost Gardens of Heligan was quick to point out that fact once news of the pineapples began to surface.

The work that goes into these traditional growing methods is both time- and labor-intensive. The Gardens estimate that one pineapple would cost about £1,000 (about $1,600) and one of the fruits that has been nurtured over two years could allegedly be worth ten times that, reports The Telegraph. However, that fruit isn't actually going to the market -- it will be shared with the garden staff. The Garden explains:

We don’t sell our pineapples; they are shared between our staff to thank them for their hard work over the pineapples life span. If we were to auction a pineapple for charity, we feel that the right bidder could bid up to £10,000 for charity. This is only a guesstimate and we could be wrong but this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity that very few people have the opportunity to experience.

So how does this fancy fruit taste? James Stephens, a Lost Gardens spokesman, told the Telegraph that they were "deliciously sweet, not stringy, and with an explosive flavour."

Learn more about this pineapple in the video below:

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