'World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!' VIDEO: Devin Graham's Canyon Sequel Soars

WATCH: This Makes Bungee Jumping Look Like Child's Play

Give some adrenaline junkies a little rope -- and they fly.

In a sequel to his "World's Largest Rope Swing," Devin Graham shoots a soaring adventure, "World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!" And the results are breathtaking.

Watch (above) as young thrillseekers in southern Utah grab hold of a 400-foot pendulum rope and hurtle through the canyon air.

The video, posted Feb. 26 on YouTube, is slickly edited to the point that you might wonder if the adventure is all it seems. But Graham, also known by his YouTube handle DevinSuperTramp, provides a behind-the-scenes companion video (watch below) to break down the painstaking preparation for both the stunts and the filmmaking.

The Deseret News tagged along for the incredible ride, in which YouTube celebrity ShayCarl plays a starring role.

Even if the thought of rope-swinging from a tree branch into a pond makes you panic, watching these daredevils might set you free.

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