World's Most Livable Cities: 2010 Economist Intelligence Unit Rankings (PHOTOS, POLL)

In case the Olympics weren't drawing enough attention to city of Vancouver, this year's Economist Intelligence Unit's list of the world's most livable cities has declared the Canadian city the number one urban area in which to settle down.

If you are surprised, well, you shouldn't be, due to the fact that Vancouver is a consistent high achiever in these polls. What is it about the city that makes it so great? According to The Economist's Gulliver Blog, Canada and Australia do exceptionally well in the EIU rankings due to their perfect scores for health care and education.

Some of the other rankings might be more surprising, however - for example, what does one make of the fact that Detroit (40th) beats both London (54th) and New York (56th)?

Have you lived in the any of the world's most livable cities? What do you think of the rankings? Check out the top 10 in the slideshow below.

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