World's Most Livable Cities: Monocle Magazine 'Quality of Life' Survey (PHOTOS)

Munich residents have a reason to toast themselves months before Oktoberfest this year, as the Bavarian city tops the list of Monocle Magazine's Quality of Life rankings for 2010 -- thus making it the world's "Most Liveable City."

According to Monocle Editor-in-Chief Tyler Brule, the fourth annual survey ranks cities based on a variety of different criteria, including social and economic circumstances for residents, public health, infrastructure, and ease and availability of local transport.

With two cities each in the Top 12, Germany and Australia certainly lead the pack. But other Europeans needn't fret as Asia scored only one spot, and the U.S. was shut out entirely, with its top-ranked city, Honolulu, slipping two slots from last year to #13.

Monocle's Europe-heavy results are comparable to an earlier survey conducted by global constituency firm Mercer, released in May, though they vary widely in their specifics (Madrid, #10 on Monocle's survey, comes in at a measly #48 on the Mercer survey).

See Monocle's pics for the world's top 12 cities to live, play and learn in the slideshow below:

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