World's Most Specialized/Least-Known Magazines

FITZWILLIAM, N.H. - Although hundreds of magazines are published throughout the world each year, most people are familiar with but a very small percentage of the best-known ones, such as Time, People, National Geographic, and TV Guide. But according to international media expert Cory Ainsfield, "There are many fascinating and truly bizarre, specialized magazines that most of us have never seen, much less heard about." In fact, Ainsfield collects such magazines, and offered to reveal some of his favorites.

DENSA & Proud of It! -- The official journal of the organization for readers whose I.Q.s are too low to get into its more famous counterpart for high-I.Q. people, MENSA.

Swiss Fondue Singles Monthly -- A magazine for unmarried Swiss men and women who meet regularly at restaurants to get to know each other better over a pot of fondue.

Injured Mimes Quarterly -- Hundreds of mimes all over the world get beaten up every day. At last, there is a place for them to turn to for medical, financial, and performing resources to get themselves back on their feet and in whiteface again.

Gary Weekly -- The first and only publication to deal thoroughly and exclusively with males named Gary.

South Dakota Head Lice Journal -- Just how much interesting information could there possibly be about head lice in South Dakota? Enough to have kept this magazine thriving for the past 27 years.

Kenyans for Conan -- The most popular magazine in this African nation pays tribute to the country's most popular foreign entertainer -- late-night U.S. talk show host Conan O'Brien. Current issue features 'Kenyans Who Look Like Conan.'