Pusuke, World's Oldest Dog, Dies In Japan At Age 26 (PHOTO)

The world's oldest dog passed away on Monday afternoon at his home in Sakura, Japan.

Pusuke, a male cross-breed, was recognized as the oldest dog in the world by Guinness Book of World Records in December last year, reports ABC News.

Pusuke was 26-years-old when he died, reports the Kyodo News. Born in March, 1985, the dog had just over three months to go until its next birthday.

That's somewhere between 118 to 185 human years.

Pusuke died Monday afternoon just five minutes after Ms Shinohara, his owner, had returned home from a walk.

According to MSN India, the 42-year-old housewife said, "I think [Pusuke] waited for me to come home."

MSNBC notes that a 28-year-old beagle from the U.S. had previously held the record for oldest dog in the world, though it died in 2003.

The oldest dog to have ever lived is reportedly a 29-year-old sheepdog who lived in Australia.