World's Oldest Stoner Has Been Smoking Weed Since 1936 (VIDEO)

WATCH: The World's Oldest Stoner?

Some people out there might have 98-year-old grandfathers, but they probably don't have 98-year-old grandfathers who smoke marijuana like it ain't no thang.

Gus Ridley claims to have started "smoking grass" in 1936, and we believe him. Just look at his home -- it's like the family room of every art student in America right now. A Roseanne blanket! Neon paintings of witches! A statue of Krishna!

His wife Grace feigns exasperation in this clip from "A Stoner's Life" by Brett Froomer, but she isn't opposed to indulging in a little weed herself in order to get on her husband's level.

All-in-all, this is a goofy clip. Our only concern: a century-old person probably shouldn't be driving a car in general, let alone while under the influence.


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