'World's Saddest Cat' Finds A Home, And We Have To Smile

The "world's saddest cat" seems to have found a happy home.

Tucker, who recently received global media attention for her permanent look of sorrow, has been adopted by a new owner, the Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter in Arlington, Washington, announced on its Facebook page.

"Many happy tears were shed this morning at Purrfect Pals!" the shelter wrote.

Dubbed the "world's saddest cat" by many outlets, Tucker has genetic abnormalities that have etched her face in a look of dejection. The 1-year-old tabby also has thin skin, bruises easily and has hair loss, so she wears a variety of protective T-shirts.

But, the shelter noted in several articles, Tucker loves to be petted, enjoys lap-sitting and string toys, and is great with children.

Given up for adoption by her previous family, the forlorn-looking feline tugged at hearts worldwide -- and opened more than a few. The shelter said on Facebook that it received many inquiries about the kitty, and finally decided on a woman named Katie, a vet clinic worker who owns another special-needs cat with her husband.

"We couldn't dream of a better match for Tucker!" Purrfect Pals exclaimed in a post on Aug. 30.

Tucker has already been taken to her new home, and we hope she's smiling -- on the inside.