The World's Smallest Crossbow Is Still Terrifying

Joerg Sprave loves to create and demonstrate weaponry of all kinds online. The last time we checked in on him, he was showing off a -- wait for it -- chainsaw slingshot.

This time around, he's thinking big by creating something very, very small. Check out his latest demented creation below.

Sprave writes about the background for the tiny but powerful crossbow:

The challenge: The smallest possible encapsulated (=safe) crossbow for 20" 2219 crossbow arrows. That's right, arrows, not bolts. (The difference: Arrows have fletching.)

In Terry Pratchet's "Discworld" novels, there is a weapon he calls the "Spring-Gonne". Basically a length of steel tube with a spring that shoots steel bolts. Highly illegal in that universe! We wanted to make that weapon, but adapt it to rubber of course, and (as mentioned already) for fletched arrows.

So we designed a crossbow that can "chamber" these arrows.

It is not much larger than the arrow itself.

We attached the strongest rubber that allows you to cock the weapon with the butt plate against your chest (very quick reloading that way). Eight bands of TBG, 3cm straight, per side. Total draw is about 150 lb.

The tip protrudes, which not only allows for broadheads of any kind - but it also makes it possible to safely unload the weapon.

Total weight is 650 gramms (1,5 lb) with the rubber installed (but w/o the arrow).

The weapon shoots very accurately and is reasonably powerful, as shown in the video.

We think this is a very legit weapon - ideal as a backup crossbow!

That's a very good point, because everyone should have a backup crossbow. All joking aside, we salute your latest creation and mad weaponry skills, Joerg.



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