The World's 25 Strangest Drinking Customs

In Spain, toasting with water is believed to earn you seven years of bad sex.

No matter how many historical monuments you visit while traveling, or works of art you fawn over, you'll never understand the people and their culture until you drink with them. But, before you clink glasses with your new friends, you might want to take a minute and learn about their drinking customs. Just as every country's cuisine is different, so, too, is how they drink their booze.

In Spain, you never, EVER, cheers with water -- unless you're prepared for the curse that is seven years of bad sex. In the Czech Republic you have to look each person in the eye when you cheers, but never cross your arms unless you want seven years of bad sex. Basically, you're always at risk of being cursed with bad sex.

Catch up on the other customs so you can drink confidently -- and curse free -- across the globe.


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