Top 10 Cities With The World's Best-Looking Men (SLIDESHOW)

And The Best-Looking Men In The World Live In...

For most people, good-looking men don't normally qualify as a tourist attraction.

But that could all change thanks to Traveler's Digest and their newly-published list of where the world's sexiest men call home.

While the magazine doesn't give much detail about their methodology, they do assure readers that the selection process was based entirely on a woman's perspective. We're not sure which woman, but we hope she didn't bring home any permanent souvenirs.

So pack your bags, lady travelers, and declare your independence from the tired, picked-over man crop in your humble burg. After all, mingling with the natives technically counts as a cultural experience worthy of more than just a notch on the bedpost.

Oh, and if men aren't your thing, worry not; Traveler's Digest has you covered with their list of cities home to the world's most attractive women.

Take a look at the slideshow of Traveler's Digest world's top 10 cities with the best looking men. Do you agree?

Top 10 Cities With The World's Best-Looking Men

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