World's Worst Guard Dog Would Rather Sleep In A Hammock, Thank You Very Much

Beware of dog.

Unless it's this dog. You could proceed with caution, if you feel like it. Your choice, really.

This Great Dane named Nilo, who lives in Barueri, Brazil, seems to have learned long ago that relaxing in a hammock trumps most everything else in life -- work, especially.

In the above video, his "employer," all too aware of Nilo's love of relaxation, jokes that their home is "the safest house on the planet."

"This is the dog, my private security, Nilo," he says, as the dog lounges carelessly in a hammock. "Private security guard for the house."

Later in the video, the man refers to the dog as a "veritable armed security guard, armed to the teeth." But when he asks Nilo to show his teeth, the dog doesn't even acknowledge the request. That would take actual effort!



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