These Are The Worst Things You're Doing At The Airport

Please. Stop. 👎

Navigating the airport is not exactly a walk in the park. Never-ending lines, crazy crowds, long layovers -- the experience is nothing short of exhausting.

In this stressful environment, even the little things, like someone blocking the escalator, can throw off your groove. To ensure you're not that person annoying everyone around you, scroll through the list below and whip your traveling self into shape.

1. Arriving late.

When planning your airport arrival, you can't only think about making your boarding time. You also have to ensure you check your baggage before the airline's deadline. The window is anywhere from 30-60 or more minutes before take off, so your best bet is to be on the early side.

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2. Repacking an overweight bag at the check-in desk.

There's nothing more aggravating than someone blocking the line because they're repacking an enormous bag. The fix is simple: weigh your bag ahead of time.

3. Planning on stuffing your coat in the overhead bin.

The overhead bins are for luggage, end of story. If your coat takes up that space, other passengers might have to check their bags if they can't fit on the plane.

4. Taking FOREVER in the security line.

If you've flown before, you know the rules. Take off your shoes, belt, watch and jacket. Don't keep large liquids in your carry on. And yes, you must take your laptop out of your bag and put it in its own bin. Don't be the person who leisurely strolls through security.

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5. Blocking the escalator.

Air travel can be filled with last-minute changes, which is why airports are often full of people sprinting from gate to gate to make a connecting flight. If a person who is clearly in a hurry is trying to walk down the escalator, please be aware and move to one side. Bag barricades are no good.

7. Putting your suitcase in the seat next to you at the gate.

We know putting your bag next to you is an excuse for you to not sit by a stranger or to have more elbow room, but make room for your fellow travelers to wait for their flight, too.

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8. Not using headphones.

You may have the world's best taste in music, but it's seriously uncool to play it out loud. Airport travelers are tired, hungry and ready to get home or be on vacation. The last thing they want to hear is blaring music or a crazy cat video when they're hoping for a little peace and quiet.

6. Treating the airport bathroom like your own.

We understand, looking good while traveling is hard, so sprucing up in the bathroom during a layover is a must. Just be mindful of personal space the next time you think to unpack your whole makeup bag when there's a line out the door.

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9. Hogging all outlets.

If outlets are scarce, which is almost always the case in crowded terminals, charge one device at a time. You can always multi-task in dire situations by plugging in your laptop and using that as a charging station for your tablet or cell phone.

10. Spreading out on the floor.

We've all seen those people who use a sweatshirt as a pillow and fall asleep in the middle of the floor at the gate. Aside from being unsanitary, it makes it tough for people and their roller bags to walk by you. Next time, get this nap anywhere hoodie, curl up next to a wall and snooze away.

11. Blocking the boarding line when you're in the last boarding group.

If you're not in first class or boarding group 1, don't block the boarding lane when the gate attendant starts taking tickets. There's a boarding group system for a reason -- to avoid mad rushes to the door to get on the plane first. Check the number on your ticket, take a deep breath and patiently wait to the side for your group to be called.

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