The 10 Worst Apartment Stories We've Ever Heard

And yes, this ceiling collapsed over an editor's bed... while she was in it.

At one time or another, we've all lived in a home with some interesting, er, quirks, especially when we were younger. We were just so happy to be on our own that we were willing to overlook a few things. Well... at least for a little while.

So we asked some of the editors here at the Huffington Post for their worst apartment horror stories. And although they've all lived to tell their tales, thinking of the creepy crawlers, odors and extreme situations they were once subjected to had us in stitches, while remembering that it could always be worse.

Click through the slideshow to read their stories, and let us know about your own horrible apartment story in the comments below.

I Was Ferociously Attacked

Our Worst Apartment Stories

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