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Worst Celebrity Hair Ever: Hollywood's Worst Hairstyles Of All Time (PHOTOS)

The pressures of Hollywood's constant costume and beauty changes can definitely take a toll on your tresses. Beauty is pain, right? Or something.

The Pantene Torture Test (ouch) recently surveyed 561 New Zealand women about their hair horror stories, as well as which celebrity ladies they thought had the worst hair.

36 percent voted for Lady Gaga, whose constant bleaching has totally wreaked havoc on her hair. (Gaga revealed last year that her naturally brunette locks are indeed falling out from all the peroxide.) 14 percent cast their vote for Rihanna, while 9 percent picked once-bald Britney Spears and 8 percent didn't care for Katy Perry's colorful 'dos.

But those of us non-celebs are pretty harsh on our hair, too. 48 percent of New Zealand women surveyed used hot tools on their hair once a week, and 61 percent said they had suffered their own "hair disaster." (American ladies, we're not much better: a 2011 Dove survey revealed only 7% of us love our hair.)

Sure, Gaga and Britney have had some very public tresses woes. But we got to thinking... there's got to be some worse Hollywood hair than a couple of stressed-out looking extensions or wearing your wig as a dress.

We're so on it. Behold, some of the worst celebrity hair ever. (Shield your eyes!)


Worst Celebrity Hair Ever

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