What's The Worst Cell Phone On Earth?

What's The Worst Cell Phone On Earth?

According to Slate's Farhad Manjoo, that dubious distinction goes to MetroPCS' Samsung Craft.

Manjoo couldn't say enough bad things about the 4G phone in a review for Slate.

"It's a nightmare," he wrote. "I'd call it the worst cell phone I've ever used, but to do so would woefully undersell the sadists who've unleashed this little gadget of horrors upon an unsuspecting public. Everything about this phone seems designed not just to frustrate users but to get us to swear off ever using any phone again. Yes, the Craft is so terrible that I've started to spin conspiracy theories around its release."

The phone is "so bad you couldn't pay me to use it," concludes Manjoo.

While Manjoo has dubbed the Craft the "worst cell phone on earth," each user has their own opinion on what mobile phone is the world's most terrible device.

There's an entire website, WorstPhoneEver.com, dedicated to the iPhone, while ComputerWorld dubbed Microsoft's ill-fated Kin the "worst phone ever."

Now we want to hear from you: What phone would you pick as the worst--and why? Click "Add a Slide" to submit it below.

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