13 Childhood Foods We're Glad We Never Have To Eat Again

13 Vintage Childhood Foods That Still Make Us Scream 'Yuck'

There are certain things that just taste like childhood. An orange creamsicle reminds you of sweaty summer days, where you chased down the ice cream truck. A perfect bolognese reminds you of mom's home cooking. Or perhaps for you, it's a piece of a certain kind of pie or cake.

While we miss our childhood (and having someone else cook for us), there are certain foods of years past that still bring back gag-worthy memories of trying to sneak food to the dog so we didn't have to finish the horrors on our dinner plate. We asked our Facebook fans which childhood foods are still the stuff of nightmares for them. Here are just some of their answers. Try not to gag.

1. Creamed corn.
creamed corn
It has the consistency of vomit and looks like, well... Our readers called it "slimy."

2. Mayo and bologna sandwiches.
mayo bologna Ick. "What was my mother thinking?" said reader Patti Elschen. Greasy mayo slathered on a slimy slab of lunch meat. By the time it made it to lunch after sitting in your bookbag for hours, it was a bit like eating a wet sponge.

3. Fish sticks.
fish sticks
Boy, were the pictures on boxes of frozen fish sticks misleading. They never turned out quite as browned and delightfully crispy as you would have hoped. Half the time mom didn't even make them properly, and the outsides were crunchy, but the insides were cold and mushy. Ick again.

4. Liver and onions.
liver and onions
Perhaps the most hated of childhood foods, several dozen readers had something to say about this mothers' favorite.

"I had to go to a friend's house when my mom cooked it because just the smell alone made me sick!" said Becky Pulliam.

"My mom made me take three bites, and I would spit it into my napkin hoping she wouldn't notice," said Mindy Lyons.

5. Instant mac'n'cheese.
kraft mac
If the radioactive orange hue wasn't enough to make you sick, the smell of powdered, processed cheese would surely do the trick. Never again.

6. Spam (and other canned meats).
Squishy meat that seems not to ever lose its shape. 'Nuff said.

7. Jell-O.
This just reminds us of hospital food, wisdom teeth, and having our tonsils removed. Yuck.

8. Canned spaghetti and ravioli.
chef boyardee
Sure, the sauce tastes OK, but we shudder to think of what's in the grayish colored mystery meat and soggy pasta. There are all sorts of reported findings, including mold and even spiders. We're not taking any chances, here.

9. School lunch pizza.
school lunch pizza
Often served on Fridays as a "treat," this horrific cafeteria food had such a bizarre plastic-y texture, we often bit into it and wondered if the lunch staff had accidentally heated it up with the cling wrap still on.

11. Tuna casserole.
tuna casserole
This might as well be called leftover casserole. We're not sure who thought that mixing everything from cream of mushroom soup, to potato chips, to peas, with canned tuna would be a good idea.

12. Pot pies.
mini pot pie
This was OK once a year around the holidays, but any more than that made our tummies rumble. In a bad way.

13. Cottage cheese salad.
cottage cheese salad
Yep, it tastes as bad as it looks. One of our least favorite foods, paired with chunks of cottage cheese curds. If mom put this on the table, all we could wonder was what we did to deserve the punishment.

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