Worst Companies To Work For:'s List (PHOTOS, POLL), a web forum where users share employment-related information, released the results of its survey of the best and worst companies to work for.

The results, based on a series of questions the site asked employees to complete and return, included employees' evaluations of senior management and each company's CEO.

Chalk it up to the recession, but only a handful of respondents seem to to be confident in the performance of their company's leadership: the highest CEO approval rating on the list of the bottom ten companies was a mere 26% -- and most of them were much lower.

Is that a sign of fading hope in the leaders of massive companies -- or just the kvetching of bitter employees?

Well, because Glassdoor's list isn't entirely scientific, we'd like you to let us know which large corporation you think belongs on this list. (Note, we're going to limit user submissions to large national companies.) First, check's list of the worst places to work -- and nominate your own nightmarish employer:

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