Yes, An Ill-Fitting Dress Can Definitely Land You On Our Worst Dressed List

Dakota Fanning, We Know You Can Do Better Than This

Goldilocks was on to something in her quest to find things that were "just right."

And we wish Hollywood would have taken a page out of her book when they got dressed this week. While color, pattern and silhouette are important when choosing an outfit, fit is even more crucial. In the past couple of days, a few of our favorite stars struggled to find the perfect fit which resulted in looks that were too tight or too big. Others just chose some outfits that could have been stunners, by exception of one element that threw everything off.

Check out the worst-dressed celebs of the week and let us know if you agree with our picks below.

Dakota Fanning


The dress appears to be pulling in the midriff and the hem looks unfinished. Oh, and the entire ensemble could use a moment or two with a steamer.

Christina Hendricks


Fit is key with a dress like this, but Hendricks missed the mark. A quick trip to the tailor would have done wonders.

Leighton Meester


This looks like an optical illusion gone wrong. Too many stripes in too many directions.

Elizabeth Banks


Woah, that is one... striking dress. We're not sure about the busy print or the silhouette but it's the gold ankle-strap shoes that really seal the coffin on this outfit -- they're just too heavy.

Jessica Chastain


We're also not convinced that a black top was the right choice here. It looks more similar to a bathing suit top and doesn't jive with the otherwise summery ensemble.

Keke Palmer


If her bra was not visible, this easily could have been a best-dressed candidate. But that super short skirt paired with a sheer top is leaving too little to the imagination.

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Uma Thurman

Worst-Dressed Stars 2014

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