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We're Shocked To See Octavia Spencer On This Week's Worst Dressed List

This week, we were a little surprised to see a few faces on the worst-dressed list.

Octavia Spencer failed in a busy, poorly tailored dress, Katie Holmes looked dowdy wearing a monochromatic outfit and Emily Blunt's ensemble was a little too costumey for our taste.

Check out the worst-dressed stars of the week and let us know if you agree with our picks.

Octavia Spencer


Spencer is usually a fixture on our best-dressed lists wearing perfectly draped dresses -- but not this week. Her ill-fitting velvet and sequined illusion neckline dress was a huge mistake that isn't doing her body any favors.

Katie Holmes


Last week, we told you how to wear grey on grey and not look drab -- clearly Holmes didn't get the memo. Not only are all the muted colors washing her out, but the oversized coat and dress are making her look bigger than she is.

Jennifer Lopez


While we don't mind the hue of Lopez's outfit, the pants are a disaster. Wide-leg trousers are tricky to pull off and here the singer seriously flopped. Not only are they too wide and too long, but they also appear to be very wrinkled.

Pixie Lott


Amal Clooney wore gloves on the red carpet with much success, but Lott is having a harder time. They don't jive with the vibe of her gown, especially since she went for a dress with a strapless neckline.

Emily Blunt


What is going on here? That single kimono sleeve looks terribly out of place and the embellishments look a little cheap. We know Blunt can do better.

Morenca Baccarin


Silk potato sack or wedding night lingerie? Your call.

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