5 Fitness Quotes That Are The Absolute Worst

5 Fitness Quotes That Are The Absolute Worst

Motivational mantras work -- except when they don't.

We're huge fans of the fitness quotes that truly inspire. But these we're just totally sick of:

keep going
It shouldn't take puke to tell you when enough is enough. We're not saying make excuses, we're just saying use your noggin.

skinny feels
First of all, triggering. Second of all, food is one of life's greatest pleasures. It is possible to enjoy what you eat and be fit.

sore sorry
Can we please quit this exer-shaming? Yes, daily workouts -- even to the point of soreness -- are smart, but beating yourself up about skipping a day won't get you anywhere closer to your fitness goals.

sweat sparkle
Actually, sweating is kind of the point.

strong skinny
There's nothing wrong with being strong -- or skinny! What if -- what if! -- instead of telling each other what our bodies should look like, we just focused on how we feel?

What fitness quotes really grind your gears? Let us know in the comments! And for a few that actually work, check out the slideshow below:

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