Food And Stress: 8 Of The Worst Picks For When You're Feeling Anxious

Whatto consume when you're anxious.

There are a number of unhealthy ways to cope with pressure and anxiety, but "stress eating" candy and chips -- or turning to alcohol and energy drinks -- might just take the proverbial cake. Paradoxically, when dealing with stress, the body frequently craves precisely the foods that will exacerbate the condition most.

"When they're stressed, people go naturally to the wrong foods because they increase levels of [the stress hormone] cortisol," Heather Bauer, R.D., founder of, told the Huffington Post. "People tend to crave foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt because those directly increase our cortisol levels."

But before you head to the vending machine for a quick fix for your stressful work day, click through the slideshow below to see what foods you should avoid when under pressure. Instead, try one of these stress-busting superfoods.

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Energy Drinks

The 8 Worst Foods For Stress