5 Of The Worst Hairstyles Ever

We comb, color, tease, straighten, curl, and tousle our hair trying to get it just right. We love our hair! It's our crowning glory. Indeed we care about our hair so much that it's estimated the average woman will spend $50,000 over her lifetime on her hair!

Despite all of that, many of us have had some really bad hair days in our youth. Whether we got sucked into a celebrity trend or were forced by our parents to tame our unruly 'dos, there are some haircuts we'd much rather forget.

Our fans shared some of their most cringeworthy hair crimes with us on Facebook. Check out the hilarious hairstyles below and tell us in comments what your worst hairstyle was!

  • The bowl cut
    "<a href="" target="_blank">The tony tenille and it was a disaster</
    "The tony tenille and it was a disaster," said Sandi Alatorre. While we love the songstress for her hits like "Love Will Keep Us Together" the shaggy bowl-cut did not flatter her or any other victims of this feathery 'do. Even the lovely and beautiful Heidi Klum couldn't pull off the look when she chopped off her long locks in 2010 for a similar look.
  • The wedge cut
    "<a href="" target="_blank">Dorothy Hamill, worked it too</a>," said
    "Dorothy Hamill, worked it too," said Diane Hunt Addante. It is arguably one of the most famous haircuts in the world alongside "The Rachel" or Princess Diana's pixie cut, and landed Hamill a contract with Clairol. "It was very strange because I always had short hair and I always hated my short hair. So I was always trying to find a new style. I would look at magazines and try to find something that I thought was somewhat attractive that I could skate with....I had no idea that it would be popular," Hamill said in an interview with TIME Magazine. And if your parents made you get the low-maintenance cut much to your chagrin, you're not alone. Hamill herself said her mom made her keep her hair short so it wouldn't get tangled up.
  • The feathery flip
    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>"<a href="https://www.
    "Farrah for sure!" said Pam Jessurun Williams. Quite possibly the most coveted look of all time, bombshell Farrah Fawcett's feathery flip was all the rage in the 70s after her debut in the hit show "Charlie's Angels" and an appearance on a swimsuit poster. The style cemented Fawcett's sex symbol status and had women rushing to get their round brushes and blow dryers at the time. Though Farrah is no longer with us, the over-the-top style hasn't been forgotten. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, briefly tried out the style for herself in 2012, though not everyone was a fan.
  • The flattop
    "<a href="" target="_blank">Grace Jones</a>," said Charles Peterson.
    "Grace Jones," said Charles Peterson. The singer and actress is known for experimenting with hairstyles and is known for pushing the boundaries with the "flattop" hairstyle on the cover of her 1981 album. According to New York Magazine, the hairstyle came about during WWII, being named after a type of aircraft. It became a popular men's haircut in the 50s and then Jones made it her own androgynous look. Kudos to Grace for pulling it off, but we think this hairstyle is best left in the 80s.
  • The poodle perm
    "I had a <a href="" target="_blank">perm throughout the 80s</a>. Wha
    "I had a perm throughout the 80s. What I would have likes was the look of Cybil Shepherd's long loose curls, but with my fine hair, it wasn't happening. How I went from that to a poodle perm is a question for the ages along with how I could dance until 3am and then teach preschool in the morning,"said Jamie Wieloch Greco. We don't know what we were thinking in the 80s, asking for the tight ringlets that not only are unbecoming, but damage your hair, making it weaker, dull, and dried out!


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