Worst 'Healthy' Fast Food Kids' Meals: Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine Names Bottom Five

Group Names The Worst 'Healthy' Fast Food Kids Meals

The group, which has garnered attention for launching controversial nutrition campaigns to promote its "pro-vegetarian/vegan mission" in the past, has now released a list of the "5 Worst 'Healthy' Fast Food Kids' Meals."

In formulating the list, analysts assessed fast food meals on the basis of four "key factors": high fat content, sodium, cholesterol and "red and processed meats."

On his blog, PCRM president Dr. Neal Barnard writes that despite the fact that "nearly 20 fast-food chains, including Burger King, Sonic, and Chick-fil-A, joined together for the Kids LiveWell campaign and pledged to create and promote healthier kids meals" last summer, "the same unhealthy foods" -- e.g. hamburgers and chicken nuggets -- "continue to sit at the center of a fast-food plate."

Dr. David Katz, nutrition expert and director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University, told The Huffington Post over email: "I certainly concur that these are all pretty poor. Without meeting 'every kids' meal in the world,' I don't know that they are the worst."

He added, "By and large, each of these seems bad for multiple reasons. However, PCRM does single out cholesterol on two occasions -- and I think that's a stretch. Dietary cholesterol is not a significant factor in cardiovascular health. So that's the one instance where their general opposition to animal foods shows through."

Below are the five items -- complete with PCRM-labelled "nutrition shockers" -- spotlighted by the group. Read more about the report here.

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