Worst Jobs 2010: CareerCast's Rankings (PHOTOS, POLL)

Worst Jobs 2010: CareerCast's Rankings (PHOTOS, POLL)

In 2010, even the worst jobs may seem attractive.

With the unemployment rate hovering around 10 percent and pundits harping about "the great ambiguity" in economic indicators, the positions in this list of the worst jobs in the U.S. don't seem that dreadful.

The job site CareerCast has undertaken a rather rigorous methodology for determining just what makes a truly bad job. They gave equal weight to work environment, income, hiring outlook, physical demands and stress. Their stress rating has over 21 factors, including heavy lifting and -- ugh -- risk of death.

The latter may explain this year's worst job, which -- mini-spoiler alert -- involves working with hazardous fossil fuels. Read more about their methodology here.

Which job is the absolute worst? Check out our photos below and vote for your (least) favorite.

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